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We know what matters.

1. Build brand.
2. Generate leads.
3. Convert leads into sales.
4. Increase customer loyalty.

We build for each of our client KPIs to monitor our initiatives. & we track every initiatives at any step.

Let's see our KPIs in details

"A la Carte" such as "In a Program"

Build Brand
Primary KPI: New Visitors

• Inbound links
• Referral visits
• Media mentions
• Owned reach (subscribers, social followers, contact database)
• New visitors
• Returning visitors

Generate Leads
Primary KPI: Total Leads

• Gated downloads
• Lead source (advertising, direct, email, calls, social, offline)
• Cost per lead (CPL)
• Lead quality score
• Lead-to-prospect ratio
• Prospects, or sales-qualified leads

Convert Leads Into Sales
Primary KPI: Customers

• Conversion rate (visitor to customer; lead to customer; prospect to customer)
• Cost of customer acquisition (COCA)
• New customers
• Revenue won
• Revenue source wins

Increase Customer Loyalty
Primary KPI: Recurring Revenue

• Active customers
• Churn rate
• Customer lifetime value
• Customer referrals
• Customer reviews
• Net promoter score (NPS)
• Engagement (social, web...)
• Retention rate
• Revenue
(lost, won, per customer, per division, per product)

Choyou a software vendor in Analytics

We created specific tools for our clients

ChoYou has created Ideal-Analytics.com, a global Software as a Service (SaaS) company that provides analysis to our clients. These help better monitor, follow and analysis activities enabling your business to make better, more informed decisions. Also our application is fully integrate within salesforce.com (ideal-analytics.com)

Per Year
Per Year
Application design
Channel Prog.