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Video Production

Promote who you are and what you do.

Precise technical expertise required.

« ChoYou Production » proposes numerous different approaches to your business communication : Printing, web design, graphic design, community management, shortcutweb development 

The video department video department, created in 2009, consists of a film studio, equipped with the latest production technology, and of 12 experienced professionals in brand content, video creation, 2D/3D animation, motion design, film and web advertising.

Based on your strategy and our 8 years of experience and more than 2000 videos created in your field of expertise, we suggest a large range of videos and animations, achievements (TV/web advertising, reportage, storyboard…) to meet the needs of your consumers in presentation and diffusion of your solutions. .

Thanks to our department, “ChoYou Production” we can PROMOTE your solution to your customers or leads in a playful way, increase your social networks presence and support your sales force speeches thanks to sales assistance videos.


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A process

Executed in a very short timeframe

No matter the need, we are following a proven methodology

• Our team is there to clarify the need
• Get the require documentation

• Define the approriate planning, including Script, Storyboard, Casting if needed (voice talent and actors)...
• Filming / Assembly
• Modifcation
• Validation & Delivery

Per Year
Per Year
Application design
Channel Prog.

Video 360° VR (Oculus)

Be part of the action

Choyou provides end-to-end production services for 360° video content. From conceptualization through pre-production, shooting, stitching and deployment .we are the professional content creation company dedicated to serving your needs

Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing promotional strategy. Some of the biggest brands in the world are employing it at events and trade shows, both because of the medium’s novelty, and the effective way that it can show off products by creating an immersive experience for the customer.