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What do you want out of the event? How (not what) will you measure?

Why are you doing it or participating in it? These may seem like fundamental questions, but all too often companies engage in industry events because they feel like they have to, or worse because competitors are doing it or “we did it last year.” But if you can’t give core reasons and objectives for why you’re doing it now, you might be best served to move onto something else that will provide more direct value to the business and your sales/revenue objectives.

We work with you to make your event efficient and memorable whilst helping you:
• Reach your internal target
• Reach your awareness target
• Reach your sales target

Improve Networking

We have all been to events where the majority of it’s success was hanging out in the lobby and engaging the right people as they walked by. Whether its “planned serendipity” like this, or at the ever-present networking events and parties in the evenings, having a strategy for how you’re going to divide and conquer among the various networking opportunities is key. Ensure your staff isn’t hanging out together at evening events, but spreading themselves across separate tables to increase how many new people you’re meeting and engaging. And for those who will be attending these networking events, agree on a strategy for collecting and following up on business cards and contacts made there.

Innovation Tour

We organize on a regular basis Tech/Innovation/Discovery Tours across the world. We embark you on a trip to a region that has great potential for high-tech entrepreneurship. Every year we are very excited to introduce to you the promising start-ups, Innovative and best experiences from all over the world.

What happens at the event?

ChoYou showcases emerging and growth-stage technology companies across the world. Entrepreneurial companies will present their business, best practices and success stories directly to you.

The objectives of this discovery mission are to:
1. Identify the next wave of top privately held companies from other countries.
2. Inspire your Strategy using world class Success Stories and advices
3. Stay in touch with worldwide leaders and build our Community of Entrepreneurs

Why Us.

Because we are the Agency working with, and dedicated to, the IT and Start-up sector allowing us to master the vital knowledge and experience needed to make whatever campaign you choose to run a roaring success.

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Learning Expedition - innovation Tour

In the world of new technologies, ChoYou has acquired considerable experience in the creation and organization of Learning Expeditions, also commonly known as "Innovation Tour". Looking to accompany your customers and prospects in their digital transformation? So you too, take them to live a unique stay in the heart of new technologies, in order to give them a "multi-inspiration" look and a new light on the next major digital changes.

A Learning Expedition consists in the creation of a tailor-made program of visits, meetings and moments of exchange to enrich the reflections of your customers and prospects around the stakes of digital transformation within their company.

Big Data, Business Analytics, Mobile Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Social Marketing, Omnichannel & e-commerce, Customer Experience, Merchandising & Concept Store, all converging on a new digital paradigm that puts consumers at the heart of every attention.

Is there a better way than an 'Innovation Tour' in Silicon Valley, Tokyo or New York to understand the new challenges faced by companies?

Depending on your objectives and the themes you bring, we will prepare a personalized stay for your delegation to decipher and understand the stakes of digital innovation and share the views of analysts and visions. Experts, in order to imagine and create the new foundations of their own business.

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