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define your audience

Define Your audience

and define your target, build your KPIs and grow your anticipated ROI

You need to introduce people to what your offering. While it is relatively simple to develop general advertising for the masses, devoting time and resources to identify a more specific target market can help you maximize your marketing ROI.

Here, where we can offer our help, is by adding value through our knowledge of when and to whom you should market your product or service – resulting in a much higher rate of return.

Which efforts should you prioritize? Who is most likely to use your product or service?

Having accumulated many years of experience in the IT sector, we know and are more than familiar with the crucial decision makers of your market.

In a few words, before any marketing initiative, we will define:

•  The Person that will pay for your Services

•  The Person that influences the Person that will pay for your Services

•  & Your Supporter

Easy to say, yet not as easy to define.

1. ChoYou will source the best database of the market to reach your audience
2. We have the internal resources needed to launch Account based Marketing Initiatives
3. We work constantly on data to clean it up and provide the accurate material ready for your Marketing initiatives.
4. We define your ideal consumer profile by understanding the point of interest of your target Audience and how to reach it.

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Usual Methodology

A necessary step before starting to address your Audience

To begin, we define the ideal customer profile based on many factors: your closing deals & past history or surveys and studies done on the market in question.

Once the profile is defined, we can begin to track the behavior of your target using the many tools at are disposition (Exhibitions, Social Networks, Blogs, and Post-surveys). We split your target audience into various priority levels in order to maximize our efforts resulting in an effective and profitable strategy. Based on these priority levels – a customized approach is defined for the upper level, while an automated approach is designated for the lower level.

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“ ChoYou understands our market and there are very comfortable in data manipulation, Our Sales and Marketing are now aligned with their help"

Nicolas Benisti, F5, Marketing EMEA

“ Together we defined our KPIs based on the target we need to reach. Also ChoYou create for us the accurate tools for our followup"

Stephane Antona, CMO, EasyVista

“ ChoYou helps us to define the right audience to target and what is their behavior by listening them over Social Networks."

Isabel Melo, Marketing, Partenor

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