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What is marketing enablement?

Sales Enablement, according to IDC, refers to “the delivery of the right information to the right person at the right time in the right format and in the right place to assist in moving a specific sales opportunity forward”. Marketing Enablement, while similar, is focused primarily on the creation of the “right information” and the people, processes, and systems used to do so. For any Marketing Enablement initiative to succeed, your company must be able to answer one question: “How do you know that Marketing is creating the right materials?”

Enablement of your target Audience

Developing a credible and actionable Marketing strategy is entirely dependent upon defining the customers your business intends to serve. Once customers have interested by your products or services, we are here to keep those same customers as loyal advocates. It is critical to your long-term success. Defining and employing a Marketing strategy that begins with the heart of the customer in mind is the best way to ensure achievement of your business goals.

ChoYou build and expand the right information to educate your Target Audience, create advocacy, and to let them know where you are good and how you can help them.

Achieving a strongly loyal customer base begins with a deep understanding of your target customer’s wants, needs, and expectations, segmenting those target customers appropriately, and aligning sales execution with that customer segmentation to ensure optimized customer contact both before and after the sale.

• ChoYou provide visibility into how content is being used in the field and how it performs. This feature comes with two benefits:
(1) Marketing teams can demonstrate content ROI;
(2) The materials that are shown to be successful in the field can help to hone Marketing content strategy.

• ChoYou integrate with your existing tools and workflows. Any tool that requires wholesale change in behavior risks failing in terms of adoption.

• Content have next-generation search functionality. Marketing teams deal with enormous volumes of content. They need to be able to instantly locate the materials they need when they need them - ChoYou is there to propose and select the appropriate one dedicated to your target.

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