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10% of French Start-ups based in the Valley are using our PR Services

ChoYou’s PR practice is specialized in enhancing, protecting and building companies reputations through the intelligent use of media but also highly focused on the development of international brands or companies on an international level, helping companies take their brand beyond their home market.

PR practices need to constantly innovate in order to stay on trend, and in this new Digital Era, traditional PR elements are not sufficient. These days, there is occasionally a reticence on the client side to do something that’s different or unproven. The challenge is finding the balance between traditional PR representation and mixing things up, allowing you to remain relevant in this constantly moving sector.

Given our experience in the IT sector, ChoYou is the answer to your PR needs – having understood that PR, not only refers to Public Representation, but also an enhanced skill set that includes efforts around point of sale, data analysis, building apps, and Web creation & design, Print, just to name a few.

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PR and beyond

A proven methodology

Our PR practice is organised by along service lines creating a matrix of experts that will provide you with the right balance of local expertise, local networks coupled with a deep industry knowledge. We believe that with a focused and dynamic public relations effort, centred on daily proactive PR actions and regular creative peaks, any company can develop its brand image, reputation and business, and be seen as an attractive reference on their market.

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Application design
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All PR aspects covered

PR initiatives impact many other services

Influencer Relations
(Press & Public)

Influencer relations is all about connecting the dots between your various customer segments and the brand to create the right positioning and storyline across both consumer and business. With our knowledge of your business and our teams expertise, we are well placed to create, deliver and manage campaigns that shape the right opinions, build awareness and support your business across the US.


Ideally we would look to review message effectiveness in terms of share of voice, message cut through and authenticity twice a year. This allows us to ensure the campaign is on track but also to keep the story fresh AND RELEVANT. This is important in helping a brand remain credible and competitive - a methodology used for internal stakeholders or external audiences. In any cases, messages must be understandable and, MORE importantly, memorable.

Content Strategy (for online and offline media)

We propose a structured approach that gives you a consolidated strategy while ensuring a more efficient use of content across multiple channels including Social Media. Our content team will work with you and/or your strategy team to build a plan that uses all relevant channels to promote and share content that drives the required outcome.
All of which will be informed by real world data and analytics.

"We worked with ChoYou on the publication of a press release across multiple territories and time zones. The results were great! The coordination between different teams was excellent and everyone was responsive, flexible and focused on getting the best results."

Simon Seefeldt, CEO, Challengeme-esports.com

“ Together we defined our KPIs based on the target we need to reach. Also ChoYou create for us the accurate tools for our followup"

Stephane Antona, CMO, EasyVista

“ ChoYou helps us to define the right audience to target and what is their behavior by listening them over Social Networks."

Isabel Melo, Marketing, Partenor